Painted Parts



Below you will find a list of the Custom painted parts we have left in stock.  Most of these parts are already boxed up and ready to ship.

To order one of these parts

1.  Email OR call 757-335-1940 to confirm availability

Email must include-

Part you are interested in along with Year and model to confirm fitment, please include your PayPal email if you are ready to purchase!  Please include your zip code if you are in the USA!

2.  We will email you a PayPal invoice for the part, credit cards can also be accepted via Phone.
3.  If you must call in order please call 757-335-1940 option 3

Price includes shipping to Continental USA.  If you need a quote for shipping outside of the USA please email

What we have listed below is ALL we have left. 



Ford Intake kits with HydroCarbon or Painted Intake Kit

CAISP-GT500-07 SUPER Big air 148mm ('07-'09 GT500) *Tuning Required 850whp+

CAISP-GT500-10 SUPER Big air 148mm ('10-'14 GT500) *Tuning Required 850whp+

Hydrocarbon - $533 $408 Shipped to USA 
Alloy - $508 $408 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!
Race Red - $508 $408 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!
Oxford White - $508 $408 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!

JLTIK-GT500-10 Base kits, resonator delete (No tune required) Fits ‘10-‘14 GT500
Black -$208 $109 shipped to USA
Ingot Silver LAST ONE -208 $109 shipped to USA
Redfire(sub for red candy) LAST ONE -208 $109 
shipped to USA
Ruby Red LAST ONE-208 $109 shipped to USA

CAI-FMG-18-P (2018-19 Mustang GT) *Tuning Required
Orangy Fury LAST ONE $458 $349 shipped to USA

CAI-FMG-15 (2015-'17 Mustang GT 5.0L) *Tuning Required
Hydrocarbon -$483 $349 shipped to USA 

CAI-FMV6-15 (2015-'17 Mustang V6 3.7L) *No Tune Required

Hydrocarbon $383 $308 Shipped to USA 

Ingot Silver LAST ONE $358 $308 Shipped to USA

Lightning Blue LAST ONE $358 $308 Shipped to USA

CAI-FMGRS-15 (2015-'17 Mustang GT 5.0L with Roush/VMP S/C) *Tuning Required
Lightning blue LAST ONE - $483 $358 Shipped to USA

CAI2-FMG-11 (2011-'14 Mustang GT 5.0L) *Tuning Required
Hydrocarbon -$453 $328 
Shipped to USA
Black LAST ONE - $428 $328 Shipped to USA

CAI-FMGCJ-11 (2011-'14 Mustang GT 5.0L with Cobra Jet Manifold) *Tuning Required
Hydrocarbon $433 $308 Shipped to USA

CAI-FMV6-11 (2011-'14 Mustang V6)
Hydrocarbon $353 $268 Shipped to USA
Black LAST ONE $328 
$268 Shipped to USA

CAI2-FMV6-10 (2010 Mustang V6) *Tuning Required
Hydrocarbon $353 $199 Shipped to USA
Black LAST ONE $328 
$199 Shipped to USA

CAI3-FMG05; CAI3-FMG10 Series 3 intake system for '05-'10 Mustang GT) *Tune Required
Dark Highland Green - $368 $268 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!
Vapor - $368 
$268 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!
Screaming Yellow - $368 
$268 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!
Kona Blue - $368 
$268 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!
Sterling Grey - $368 
$268 Shipped to USA
HP White - $368 $268 Shipped to USA LAST ONE!

CAI2-FMV6-0509 (2010 Mustang V6)*Tuning Required
Hydrocarbon $353 $199 Shipped to USA 
Black LAST ONE $328 
$199 Shipped to USA
Alloy $328 
$199 Shipped to USA
Grabber Orange $328 
$199 Shipped to USA
Satin Silver $328 
$199 Shipped to USA
Vapor $328 
$199 Shipped to USA
Vista Blue LAST ONE $328 
$199 Shipped to USA

RAI2-FMC-9901 (Ram air intake for '99-'01 Cobra) *No tune required
Electric Green LAST ONE $319 $199 Shipped to USA
Rio Red LAST ONE $319
 $199 Shipped to USA

CAI2-FMG-9604 (1996-2004 Mustang GT)
Bright Atlantic Blue LAST ONE $368 $199 shipped to USA
Competition Orange LAST ONE $368 
$199 shipped to USA
Electric Green LAST ONE $368 
$199 shipped to USA
Torch Red LAST ONE $368 
$199 shipped to USA

RAI2-FMG-9604 (1996-2004 Mustang GT) 
Electric Green LAST ONE $298 $199 shipped to USA
Screaming Yellow $298 $199
 shipped to USA

CAI-F15050-11 (2011-2014 F-150 5.0) *Tuning Required
HydroCarbon $443 $308 shipped to USA 
Redfire (sub for red candy) LAST ONE $408 
$308 shipped to USA
Blue Jeans Metallic LAST ONE$408 
$308 shipped to USA
Tuxedo Black $408 
$308 shipped to USA

CAI-F15062-10 (2010-14 F-150/Raptor 6.2L)
Sterling Grey LAST ONE $408 $308 shipped to USA

BAI2-FL-9904 (1999-2004 FORD Lightning; 2002-03 F150 Harley Davidson) 

HydroCarbon $343 $258 shipped to USA 
Oxford White LAST ONE $318 
$258 Shipped to USA
True Blue LAST ONE $318 
$258 Shipped to USA

Ford Radiator Support Covers

2005-2009 Mustang Radiator Support Covers Fits- V6/GT #JLTRSC-FM0509-P

Hydrocarbon   $424 $212 Shipped to USA #JLTRSC-FM0509-HC
Torch Red     $349 $174.50 
Shipped to USA
Black   $349 $174.50 
Shipped to USA
Redfire   $349 $174.50 
Shipped to USA
Vista Blue $349 $174.50 Shipped to USA

2013-2014 Mustang V6/GT Radiator Support Covers #JLTRSC-FM13-P
Hydrocarbon $484 
 $242 Shipped to USA JLTRSC-FM13-HC
Ingot Silver $409 $204.50 Shipped to USA
Ruby Red $434 
$216 Shipped to USA
Sterling Grey $409
 $204.50 Shipped to USA
Oxford White $409 
$204.50 Shipped to USA
Black $409 
$204.50 Shipped to USA LAST ONE

2015-2017 Mustang (V6/EB/GT) OEM Radiator Support Cover #RSC-FM15-P
Lightning Blue -LAST ONE $225
 $112.50 Shipped to USA 

Ford Strut Covers

2015-2019 Mustang (all)
With factory strut bar: All Covers are $128
 $64 shipped to USA #JLTSC-FM15-3-1
Hydrocarbon #JLTSC-FM15-3-1-HC
Race Red
Avalanche Gray
Competition Orange LAST ONE
White Platinum

Without strut bar: All Covers are $128 $64 shipped to USA #JLTSC-FM15-3
Ruby Red
Hydrocarbon JLTSC-FM15-3-HC
Race Red -LAST ONE
Triple Yellow -LAST ONE
Deep Impact Blue - LAST ONE
Competition Orange - LAST ONE

Ford Fuse Box Covers

2005-2009 Mustang (all) Each cover is $68 $34 Shipped to USA #JLTFBC-FM05
Hydrocarbon #JLTFBC-FM05-HC
Torch Red 
Performance White 
Vista Blue 
Brilliant Silver 
Windveil Blue 
Sonic Blue LAST ONE 

2010-2014 Mustang (all) Each cover is $68 $34 Shipped to USA #JLTFBC-FM10
Hydrocarbon #JLTFBC-FM10-HC
Deep Impact Blue 
Oxford White 
Ruby Red 
Satin black with red 5.0 #JLTFBC-FM10-G


Roush Intercooler Tank Cover 2011-2014 GT and GT500’s with upgraded tank - $108 $54 Shipped to USA #JLTITC-FM11R

Deep Impact Blue LAST ONE

Sterling Grey 

Kona Blue -LAST ONE 

Oxford White -LAST ONE 

Performance White - LAST ONE 


Ford F-150 Coolant Tank Covers

2015-2019 F-150
Hydrocarbon $148 $74 Shipped to USA #JLTCTC-F150-15-HC
Ruby Red $128 
$64 Shipped to USA #JLTCTC-F150-15-P
Gloss Black $128
 $64 Shipped to USA #JLTCTC-F150-15-P


Mopar Intake kits with Painted or HydroCarbon Intake Tube

CAI-DH64-11-HC (2011-2018 Charger/Challenger 6.4 Series 1 kit)
This kit here-
Hydrocarbon - $353 $258 
Shipped to USA

CAI-DH05 (2005-18 5.7 L & 2005-10 6.1 L Hemi cars Series 1 kit)
This kit here-
Hydrocarbon $393 $258 
Shipped to USA
Blue Streak Pearl (PCL) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA
Mango Tango pearl (PVG) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA
Marine Blue Pearl (PB6) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA
Blackberry Pearl (PBV) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA
Brilliant Black (PXR) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA
Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX) $368 
$258 Shipped to USA
Modern Blue Pearl Effect (PBL) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA
Stinger Yellow (YV) $368 $258 
Shipped to USA

CAI2-DH57-11 (2011-19 5.7L Charger, Challenger & 300C) - Does not fit Shaker Hood – Series 2 Kit
HydroCarbon $433 $308
 shipped to USA

Fuse Box Covers (2011-18 Dodge Charger, 2015-18 Challenger) $108 $54 ea shipped to US #JLTFBC-DCC11

2 Brilliant Black (PXR)
1 Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX)
Unpainted (smooth black plastic, needs painted) $25 Shipped to USA

Fuse Box Covers with Logo’s (2011-18 Dodge Charger, 2015-18 Challenger) $138 $69 ea shipped to US #JLTFBC-DCC11-G
1 Torred Red with Granite R/T logo
1 Jazz Blue with Sublime Green ScatPack logo
1 Jazz Blue with Billet Silver Hellcat logo

2015-19 Hellcat Intercooler Tank Covers - $108 $54/ea shipped to US #JLTITC-HC15-P
3 B5 Blue Pearl (PQD)
2 Bright White (PX&)
1 Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX)
1 Torred Red (PR3)
Unpainted (smooth black plastic, to be painted) $25 Shipped to USA

Coolant Tank Cover with Logo’s (2011-19 Dodge Charger, Challenger, 300's) $138 $69 /ea shipped to US #JLTCTC-DCC11-P-G
1 Black with Sublime Green R/T logo

OEM Strut Covers (2005-2019 Dodge Charger/Challenger - EXCEPT HELLCAT)  without Strut Bar$128 $64 (PAIR) shipped to US #SC-DO0517

(Hellcats only get 1 cover - $68 $34/ea shipped with in the US) #SC-HC15

5 Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX)

2 Brillant Black (PXR)

1 Granite Crystal Metallic (PAU)



Chevy Intake Kits with HydroCarbon Intake Tube

CAIP-CC1062 (2010-15 Camaro 6.2L) *Tuning Required 
HydroCarbon $433 $
308 shipped to USA

CAIP-CC1662 (2016-19 Camaro LT1 6.2L) *Tuning Required
HydroCarbon $453 $328 shipped to USA