The Wheels On The Cart Go Round and Round

The Wheels On The Cart Go Round and Round

Posted by JLT Performance on Mar 25th 2020

Research and development is the foundation of our products and services at JLT Performance. And to assure that we have the correct tools to allow us to offer our very best, that often times means investment. From test vehicles to facilities to tools. We just installed a really BIG tool, a new Dynojet in-ground dynamometer.

Of course we're no different that any other kids with a new toy, so what's the first thing we strap on it? Nope, not the GT500 nor the Hellcat. We were all out of Barbie cars so Jay popped a golf cart on the rollers. Kids will be kids.

Thank you for your continued support and business that allows us to reinvest in our company and continue to bringing you our best products ever.