JLT Cold Air Intake (2015-2020 Charger Hellcat 6.2L; 2015-2018 Challenger Hellcat 6.2L)


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CARB Status:
CARB E.O. No. D-761-5 (2015-2020 only)
Computer Tuning Required:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
JLT Cold Air Intake (2015-2020 Charger Hellcat 6.2L; 2015-2018 Challenger Hellcat 6.2L)

Here kitty kitty!  JLT HELLCAT Cold Air Intake (2015-2020 Charger Hellcat 6.2L; 2015-2018 Challenger Hellcat 6.2L) 

15-20 RWHP and No Tune Required!

Vehicle Fitment:

2015-2020 Charger Hellcat
2015-2018 Challenger Hellcat (Will not fit with Redeye hood or 2019+ Challenger hood without modification)


JLT has jumped into the Hellcat intake market with both feet. We have owned a 2016 Hellcat Charger for nearly a year now and have been testing and designing this kit the entire time.

This kit includes a fully Roto Molded airbox that uses the factory fresh air (Ram Air) inlet from the grille/headlight that also seals to the hood. We feel this is the key component that puts our kit well above the rest. Not only does this box help keep inlet air temps down by blocking the filter from hot engine heat, it also helps hold in the cool air getting rammed in from the inlet creating a high pressure area around the filter.

Speaking of the filter, our filter is a custom built design made by S&B. It has a built in bell mouth for super smooth and fast air flow as well as huge 1" deep pleats for more surface area than filters that look much bigger.

The intake tube is roto molded plastic with a huge 125mm for superior airflow and NO heat soak like metal tubes.
With a mouth of 4.5" at the throttle body end, it is ready for any larger throttle bodies that may come in the future.

MAF and IAT adaptor plates
2015/16 Hellcats have a Mass Air Flow sensor and 2017-2020 have an Inlet Air Temp sensor. We designed our kit to work with BOTH. Included in each kit are CNC machined aluminum plates, gasket and stainless screws to adapt to either model years.

Includes new roto molded plastic heat shield to block engine heat at idle and low speed.

Each kit comes with custom designed and water jet cut Lexan shields that bolt to the hood grille. Not only do they keep rain from the filter, they allow the cooler rammed air to stay in the box around the filter VS just being pushed out of the grille.


  • Incorporates fresh air inlet from the grill. 
  • Uses a large area to make sure the filter has tons of cool air.

• JLT Plastic Intake Tube
• Silicone Reducer
• 5x7 S&B Powerstack Air Filter Red Oil
• Roto molded Heat Shield
• JLT MAF adaptor plate
• JLT IAT adaptor plate
• JLT Charger Rain Shield
• JLT Challenger Rain Shield
• HD Clamps, all needed hardware
• 2019 Hellcat PCV Kit

15-20 RWHP can be expected on a stock Hellcat
25-30+ can be expected on a pulley and tuned Hellcat
See all our testing videos below

No tuning required

The design, detailed instructions and online video (see below) helps make this an easy install (see Instructions & Videos tabs to download / view).

RACE FILTER: The Race filter is an optional filter, this filter IS NOT FOR STREET USE! It's no filtering media, with prolonged use it will allow contaminated that can damage your engine! JLT Performance will not be responsible for any damage from use of Race filter. Customer assumes all risk!

To properly clean your oil filter, we recommend the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit.
*TIP* by purchasing a 2nd air filter you can simply swap filters when it's time to clean it and not be rushed. Clean the first filter and it's ready when it's time to change again.

JLT Pre-Filters are now available for most intake kits we carry, these filters are made for us by Outerwears, these prefilters are water repellent. They will increase your filter life and cut down on your cleaning intervals!

We wanted to do as much testing as possible, so we sent kits to some of the best in the Hellcat business.

Lidio from Alternative Auto did some testing for us with his personal Hellcat and this is what he posted on his Facebook page:

"Before the season ended for us here in MI -- we got the car out in some good and much cooler Fall air, (mid 40*s) and tested out the JLT unit and also benefit from some much cooler air. The results have turned out great so far. We ran numerous 9.7’s at over 142mph and then our very best was a 9.68 @ over 143mph… which we backed up with a duplicate run. We believe the JLT was responsible for most of these gains in MPH and ET since our previous best of 9.77 at just over 140mph. The traction was great, but could have been better, so I’m continuing to not “slam” the throttle off the starting line with only about a 1300rpm brake torque. 60-foots were in the low 1.4’s and could have been in the very high 1.3s with a little more traction and pushing the car harder on the hole-shot.These numbers were achieved with a full weight car and no front runners. All shifts have been at or just over 7000rpm for the entire 2017 season!
With no trouble at all."

"The Hellcat JLT airbox kit showed impressive gains on both the Chassis Dyno, and most importantly in the real world! We expected no less from the guys at JLT! Great fit & finish as usual from his products. The new JLT kit for hellcats is now included in our entry level performance package for the 2015+ Hellcat models.

Thank you!!
Lidio Iacobelli

15 Reviews

  • 5
    jlt intake 6.2

    Posted by Luke on Nov 19th 2021

    Fits and finish is great.

  • 5
    Cold air intake

    Posted by Debbie Dilbeck on Feb 1st 2021

    Another quality product! Easy installation and I like hearing more of my supercharger. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    2016 Charger Hellcat CAI

    Posted by Nathan S on Jan 30th 2021

    First the quality of this product is very good. Instructions were very easy to follow. Had a little bit of trouble with the airbox but after all push it went in nice. After the install went for a drive, the extra whine is great, but the feeling of the extra power is even better. This CAI gives you better throttle response and more power, power you can feel. Glad I did my research and went with the JLT.

  • 5
    Jlt cold air hellcat 2017

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 27th 2020

    Perfection, worth the wait!

  • 5
    The Whine!

    Posted by Nate on Aug 31st 2020

    This CAI gave my hellcat the “whine” it should’ve came with from the factory, happy customer.

  • 5
    2020 Charger Hellcat CAI

    Posted by Glen on Aug 20th 2020

    Pretty good so far. Fairly easy to install. Had a minor setback with getting the box in even with moving the coolant tank, but it wasn’t too problematic. I was skeptical about the rain shield but it works! Immediately after installing the CAI, my wife wanted to go out shopping. When we did, we had a heavy downpour as soon as I backed out of the driveway. It must’ve rained about 2 inches in about 3 hours and the JLT rain shield did it’s job! I was nervous needless to say.
    The AIT temps were about higher than stock box, but when the car was moving, it cooled down a bit. Ambient temps outside was around 75 degrees and my gauges showed about 101 cruising.
    Last but not least: the enhanced “whine”. I think it’s just right compared to the competition. I didn’t want it too obnoxious and annoying after awhile, so I think it’s perfect for my needs.
    Overall, very happy with this purchase. I will keep my eye on the rain shield and I’ll probably get a sock for piece of mind.

  • 5
    Hellcat cold air intake

    Posted by Joe grushinski on Jul 25th 2020

    Great product. Very well designed fit perfectly. looks great.

  • 5

    Posted by Galen on Jul 1st 2020

    Fast shipping and sounds awesome! Easy install and they have a youtube video on how to install. I would definitely recommend to others in California looking for a CARB legal intake!

  • 5
    JLT Cold Air Induction

    Posted by Kenneth Johnson Sr on May 29th 2020

    Awesome product it does everything claimed and more.

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