JLT 3.0 Oil Separator('15-'20 Transit 150/250/350 3.5EB Pass side)


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JLT 3.0 Oil Separator('15-'20 Transit 150/250/350 3.5EB Pass side)


JLT 3.0 Oil Separator('15-'20 Transit 150/250/350 3.5EB Pass side)

Don't "Play Misty for Me"!  Clean up those oil vapors in your recirculated air. 


2015-2020 Ford Transit 150/250/350 Van with the 3.5L Ecobooost

JLT 3.0 Oil Separator

3oz Capacity
Solid billet construction.
OEM Style quick connect PCV fittings
Multi stage filter system designed to collect the finest of vapors and drop them into the easily removable bottom while allowing clean air to pass through to the intake.

How does it work?

During the process of venting crankcase pressure back through your intake track, large amounts of oil, in the form of vapors, intake tube, intake manifold runners and even dilute your gas, lowering its octane level. This happens on all engines and is even worse with forced inducted vehicles (supercharged and turbocharged) as crankcase pressures are increased. To combat this, we have developed an oil separator of our own design. Milled from solid billet aluminum this is a rock-solid piece. It has a knurled tank base for easy removal to drain the spent oil and an O-ring seal to prevent any leaks. 

Filtering consists of a fine mesh stainless steel screen that traps fine oil vapors and releases them once heavy enough to fall. They then pass through a 1/2" thick 1/16th" aluminum honeycomb filter where they grow every larger and then fall into the bottom. By the time the oil gets through the filter it's too heavy to be passed on into the intake. The tank holds 3 oz of fluid, while that may not sound like a lot, you shouldn’t see that much oil in your PCV system. Drain it every 2000-3000 miles and you will never come close to filling it.

Our kits are easy install, service and flat out work! Many kits use OEM hoses or come complete with all hoses, custom brackets and hardware for an OEM look. Retain stock hose if you ever return to stock.


*This product is NOT CARB (California Air Resource Board) Exempt. It is not for legal sale or use in the state of CA or any other states adopting CA emission standards and require a CA Executive Order (EO) number. Any orders placed for this item with a CA ship to address will be cancelled. COMING SOON!!!

4 Reviews

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    Oil separator for Transit 350 3.5 eco boost

    Posted by Michael on Nov 9th 2020

    Engineered to perfection. It took 5 min. to install.

  • 4
    Fantastic quality but hiogher priced than most others

    Posted by John Anderson on Oct 12th 2020

    Have noticed oil buildup in Intercooler fittings in my Ford Ecoboost and wanted to try a catch can to eliminate a bit of stumbling due to that. I emailed and asked several questions before ordering and JLT was very helpful and prompt. This is a company that cares about it's products and customers.
    This JLT catch can is by far the best quality on the market, the easiest to install and good looking too, BUT at $150.00 is also the highest priced setup too. But it is not cheap.
    Not sure that I needed to spend that much but wanted fast install which was so very easy, it took less than five minutes.
    So far the engine runs as before but haven't noticed any stumbling. I haven't checked the can yet for condensate as I haven't driven much (Transit Van RV and we have not traveled this year!) but based on reviews I expect it to work as advertised.
    Great quality but could be a little cheaper.....but as is the case, you get what you pay for so I expect this to work well for as long as I own this van!

  • 5
    oil separator

    Posted by James Cox on Jul 27th 2020

    installed a passenger side oil separator (catch can) on my 2020 Ford Transit AWD 3.5L EcoBoost. Installed in a couple minutes. Very easy. Time will tell how good it works. I did a LOT of research and this seemed just the ticket. FYI, the website only went up to model year 2019 for this item but it fit just fine on my 2020.

  • 4
    Oil seperator

    Posted by D Lockhart on Jun 23rd 2020

    The product was very easy to install on my 2019 Transit. Note it fits 19s I used my engineering eyball to A/B my 19 vs a 18 and saw no changes that would effect fitment.

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