• -JLT and Pmas testing

OK so lets explain the testing in word format, the video is long but we did our best to be transparent in this testing.

Our test vehicle:
2015 GT non-performance pack (3.31 rear)
93 Oct
6 speed Manual
Corsa Xtreme Catback
18k Miles

Controlled Variables:
Intake air temps
All Runs in 5th gear
Coolant temps(logs)/ Cylinder head temps(Video display)
Same day, same dyno, same tuning for both test

Stock Tune runs:
Testing for the stock tune wouldn't allow for a full 5th gear pull due to the speed limiter. We went into the stock file with our SCT software, bumped the speed limiter up but left all other settings the same. For the JLT tune we loaded the SCT canned transfer function on the stock file. We targeted 190-195 Degree coolant temps, this took about 20 minutes each with multiple fans on the car in-between runs.

Tuned runs:

11/1/16- Due to other dyno appointments at DTP we had to delay our tuned runs

This is where both of these intake kits shine, the stock tune in the vehicle is very limited. Torque limitations, an overly rich air/fuel mixture, conservative timing tables etc.

We built two tune files, variations of the same custom tune files we send out with our intake/tune package. Same targeted A/F ratio. The timing tables are identical between the files. We turned off/limited the knock sensors from effecting the runs positivly or negativly. Target timing was 23-25 degrees. You can see in the logs between 4 pulls that they changed very little.

Why did we do the test?
We had no intentions on doing this test initially as testing like this is very time consuming. However, after reading "claim" after "claim" by the same few folks, we felt we had to do something. There is only one independent test on video of the PMAS before this test with a before and after. The good tune required intake kits on the market are going to offer similar performance. We have always strive to prove the results of our products, whether it be intakes or oil separators.

The tuned JLT best cool down run is higher than the best tuned PMAS run on this day, this dyno, this car. The backup run the PMAS produced a higher number than the backup JLT run, people are literally arguing about 1-3 Horsepower changes. However it's marketed to them as much more than that. You could redo this test, and have the PMAS be higher on a cool down run and JLT higher on the hot run. There are variances in every single dyno pull, every single car, every single tune, EVERY TIME!

Tuned Logs:
You will need the SCT Live link software to view these runs. You can download this here:

SCT Live Link download

PMAS Tuned Logs

JLT Tuned Logs

Dyno log break down for all 4 tuned runs

Dyno Graph all 4 runs

Stock tune Logs:

Stock intake, stock tune Logs

PMAS Stock tune Logs

JLT Stock tune Logs

Dyno Graph stock tune best runs

-JLT and Pmas testing

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