• - What started JLT Performance?

Let me introduce myself, I’m Jay Tucker, owner of JLT Performance Inc. and I started JLT back in 2003. Before this I was busy working on Hondas, Corvettes, BMW’s and everything in between doing all aspects of collision repair as my profession.

In my spare time I built several custom Mustangs as a passion, one making it into Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords. Another one of my projects was a 99 Saleen Mustang which I installed an aftermarket supercharger. I was in need of an intake and made a call to a company who is well known for this application. I asked a few simple questions about their product and got very quick vague answers. The person on the other end of the phone had very poor customer service and no interest in making a sale. Using my autobody skills I made my own, tested it and it worked great and the car put down 401 RWHP!

The Saleen was quickly replaced by a White 03 Cobra and the modding started. Not happy with any of the intake options for the Cobra, I spent the weekend in the shop and made my own. After a trip to the local dyno shop to see how the car was performing, I knew I made the right intake. With nothing but my first JLT intake and exhaust the car put down 428 RWHP! Higher than any other I had seen locally or on the internet.

In the day of internet forums, I posted some pictures and the results. I quickly was flooded with requests for intakes. I figured this would help fund parts for the Cobra, so I got building. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and JLT was started.

After a few months I went part time at the body shop and eventually resigned so I could work devote all of my time to JLT. Over the next several years the product line expanded, we moved 3 more times into larger shops and brought my wife Lisa in full time to help with a fast growing company.

Today we are very proud to have 9 full time employees, 50+ different JLT products, have over 300 JLT dealers all over the world, are recognized by the major tuning companies like SCT, Diablosport, Hypertech and Super Chips and help power many record setting cars built by the best shops in the world.

Because JLT was partly started from poor customer service, we make sure to do everything we can for our customers. We pride ourselves on the best customer service before, during and after the sale. We also make sure our product is unique, performs and looks nothing like the rest.

And that is how JLT Performance came to be,
This business was not planned, we stumbled into it and we are very happy to be able to do what we love. We are performance enthusiasts, we drive, race, test and use everything we sell.

Thank you
Jay Tucker
JLT Performance Inc.

- What started JLT Performance?

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