2010-2015 CAMARO


This is not your “normal” Camaro CAI. We took the past 10 years of knowledge we gained designing the best performing intakes in the mustang market and built the best intake available for the new Camaro.

A little info and history: Most intakes for the 2005-14 Mustang require a tune, why? When increasing the size of the MAF area of the tube you must recalibrate the computer to basically “tell the computer of the new size” so it runs correctly. It’s more technical than that, but you get the idea. Without tuning the car will run lean and be dangerous.

What about “no tune” intakes? No tune intakes keep the MAF size as close to stock as possible and expect the cars MAF and O2 sensors to make the needed adjustments to keep the tune “safe” The problem is, you don’t know how lean or correct your tune is, period. It’s a guessing game unless you have an A/F gauge or run it on the dyno.
Not only that, by keeping the stock MAF size (97mm in the Camaro) you’re limiting air flow.
We don’t do this, we “GO BIG” with a huge 110mm MAF and tube size front to back and a massive 5x9” S&B air filter thet is also filtered on the end, not capped. No restriction here!
Because we increased the size of the MAF a tune is required, so we got with the best in the business, SCT and our personal tuner Brent Hughes of DTP Racing and got started tuning. With the all new SCT X-4 tuner you have the ability to make tune adjustments yourself for things like gear changes, tire size changes, shift points, speed limiters and more. This is unlike tunes from HP tuners where you have no hand held tuner or the ability to make adjustments in your driveway.

Now for the best part, HORSEPOWER! While most “no tune” CAI’s claim 10-15 HP, they seem to only gain 8-10.
By adding just the JLT CAI and our custom tune we have gained as much as 25 peak RWHP and TQ, but as much as 36 HP & TQ through out the RPM range which is where you use it most.

That’s insane!